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Wax Heating Systems


All Types Of Wax Heating Systems

1MT Electrical Wax Melting Tank

The Wax Melter is a wax-melting and conditioning machine. Purchased IC Wax is in the form of solid slabs.

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Wax Melting - 200kg Wax Tank

Air heaters are available in straight lengths or bent as per customers requirement with threaded stud connection at both ends.Finned tubular heaters have enlarged surface ...

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Wax Melting - Pre Heater Pre Heater

Manufacturers & exporters of wax melting tanks, automatic filling machine, re heater, pre heater, candle feeding conveyers,etc

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Wax Melting - Wax Melter MGS

1.Revolutionary Wax Melter is Fast, Even Heating & Energy Efficient
2.Fast But Uses Less Electricity Than Most Coffee Makers
3.Permanent Heating Elements= No More Replacement Heaters

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Wax Melting cum Pumper:Electrically operated

Wax pumper with heater, Loading stand, pump motor, Blower, Hose pipe, Heat Tracers and VFD.

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