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IFC-1600BL Bottom Loading Furnace

The single zone, high temperature, bottom loading furnace is capable of operating at temperatures up to 1650oC in air. The furnace utilizes 1800oC molydisilicide heating elements positioned on three sides of the internal chamber. The furnace utilizes an energy efficient insulation package consisting of graded ceramic-fiber, high temperature insulation. It is an ideal tool for materials annealing and sintering.

Sample Size: 200x200x 200mm (8"x8"x8")

Main Specification:

Inside Chanber Size 200×200×200(8"×"8×"8,8 liter)
Standrad Working Temperature 1600℃
Minimum Working Temperature 1700℃ (< 3hrs)
Temperature Control 30 Steps Programmable and PID Automatic Control
Heating Rate 0~10℃/min ( suggestion:<10℃)
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1℃
Heating Element Mosi2 Heating Elements
Working Volatge Ac 380V Three Phases 60/50Hz(or according to Requirement)
Max Power 9KW

Standard Sizes:

Model Chamber Size(W×H×Dmm
IFC-1600BL 150×150×150(6"×6"× 6")
IFC-1600BL 150×150×200(6"×6"× 8")
IFC-1600BL 200×200×200(8"×8"× 8")
IFC-1600BL 200×200×300(8"×8"×12")
IFC-1600BL 250×250×300(10"×10"×12")
IFC-1600BL 300×300×400(12"×12"×16")
IFC-1600BL 400×400×400(16"×16"×16")
IFC-1600BL 500×500×500(20"×20"×20")