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Thermocouple Teflon Cables

Compensating Cables are manufactured from conductors having different composition from the corresponding thermocouple but have similar emf output over a limited temperature range (generally 200 °C). Letter ‘C’ following the designation of the thermocouple, e.g. ‘ KC ’ denotes these cables.

We manufacture RTD, Thermocouple Extension and Compensating cables with the PTFE and Fibre Glass Insulation. We make following constructions commonly with parallel as well as twisted form.

  • 1. PTFE/ PTFE
  • 2. PTFE/ PTFE/ SS Braided
  • 3. PTFE/ (SPC/ NPC/ BC) Braided/ PTFE
  • 4. PTFE/ PTFE/ Fibre Glass
  • 5. Fibre Glass/ Fibre Glass
  • 6. Fibre Glass/ Fibre Glass/ SS
  • 7. Fibre Glass/ Fibre Glass/ PTFE
  • 8.Asbestos/Asbestos/FiberGlass

We supply the above Insulated cables as per the requirement or specifications of the customer with insulating material PTFE and Fibre Glass.We manufacture 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core and 6 Core RTD cables with above mentioned constructions using best quality Bare Copper, Silver Plated Copper and Nickel Plated Copper Conductors