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Outer body and trolley MS
Heater 3 KW 230V ac
Motor -Wax/td> 0.5 kw
Total power required 4 kw
Tubing from the tank Value 2
To discharge gun 2 Mtrs
Was discharge Max.6 ltr/min

Wax Pumper

Wax pumper with heater, Loading stand, pump motor, Blower, Hose pipe, Heat Tracers and VFD.

Inner chamber made out of SS-304, 2.5mm thick and outer MS of 2.5 mm thick with powder coating, Control panel consisting of relevant electrical switchgear items and Cast Iron wheels. and with Head Dispensing handle.

The equipment is designed to pump wax with a constant discharge automatically. The equipment is provided with a wax tank of appx. 160 ltrs (effective 130 ltrs). Molten wax to be filled into the tank manually. The heaters are designed only to keep the temperature at around 70 to 80 degrees C . The output of the tank is connected to input of the pump with a 2 mtr hose pipe and a discharge gun at the other end. The pump is driven by a motor, which is controlled through a speed controller and a timer.

The volume of discharge is based on the speed of the pump and time selected. Once the switch at the discharge gun is actuated the motor runs with the output valve opened. After the set time both are switched OFF.

Material of Construction: SS 304 for all contact parts (Inner Tank) 2mm thk for bottom sheet of the tank, 1.6mm for other walls and 1.2mm for outer covering.

The equipment is placed on mobile trolley with cast iron/nylon wheels. Heat insulation between the inner and outer tank is of Rockwood adequate enough to reduce the skin temperature. The control panel is provided with a cover on top to protect from spillage of wax.