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Duct Heater

Our Packaged Heat Division provides custom heating products for both industrial and commercial HVAC markets. Our product applications include water source heat pumps, light and heavy commercial rooftop units, VAV equipment, and air handling units of all sizes. Like the strip heating elements manufactured by the Heating Element Division, commercial heat packages are engineered and tested for specific equipment or for particular applications.

Duct heaters are ideal solutions for a variety of applications, including primary heating, supplementary heating (i.e., supporting a heat pump), auxiliary heating, humidity control or multi-zone heating. We offer a line of standard products as well as heaters custom-built to your specifications. We uses proprietary software packages to specify coils and wiring configurations, sheet metal, element support racks, controls, options and accessories. Our software allows immediate design changes when our customers request them


  • Power:1200W-5000W
  • Capacity: 1-10TON
  • 200 degree c thermostability electric cable
  • For air conditioner and electrical Custom duct heaters(sizes up to 120" x 144") built for use with TUTCO remote control panels


  • 50 or 60 HZ design
  • High voltage and low voltage terminal boards to interconnect heater with remote panel.
  • Grounding lugs
  • Automatic limit switch for primary over temperature protection
  • Manual reset limit switch for secondary over temperature protection
  • Left hand offset control box.


  • Air flow switch
  • These limitations are general guidelines. Other limitations may be encountered due to KW, volts, phase, stage and size relationship


  • Standard supply voltages, 120-600
  • Standard control voltages, 24-277
  • Single or three phase
  • Staging (balanced, unless otherwise specified)
  • Slip in, flange mount, bottom mount
  • Full face coverage
  • Recessed control box
  • Right hand offset control box
  • 80/20(Ni/Cr) resistance wire
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Derated coils
  • Vapor barrier
  • Gasketed cover


Multiple stage heaters do not always provide full face coverage. For multizone or full face coverage requirements notify factory

  • 1. Maximum 1500 KW
  • 2. Maximum 10’*12’
  • 3. Minimum 8”*6” Three phase only – minimum height 8”
  • 4. Recess box only – minimum width 8” plus recess.